Moringa seeds


Moringa seeds

ilovemoringa_moringaseeds2We find that moringa seeds are used for both industrial and agricultural purposes. While the industrial grade seeds are used for oil extraction and other industrial procedures, seeds like pkm1 and pkm2 are used for plantation. There are certain procedures for grading and separating the seeds and great deals of efforts are made to segregate the best quality seeds. After all, only quality seeds of moringa are used for cultivation.

The best place to get good quality Moringa seeds will be on the place where they will be grown. This would mean that the seeds will be most resilient to the local climate and conditions. In case you have a thriving vegetation of Moringa trees in your region, you can collect seeds from those trees. Look for those pods that have turned brown and harvest the seed before those pods split open and drop to the ground.

How to Make Out Quality Pods and Seeds from the Moringa Trees

  • The trees should be bushy in growth and offer high productivity
  • The pods should be green and fleshy and non-bitter
  • They should be of uniform fruit length
  • Look for non-fibrous pods and soft seeds
  • The seeds should carry a long shelf life
  • They should be free from hairy caterpillar and gumming

The consumer preference means good storage quality and low fiber for those Moringa seeds that are used for curry powder making. They should also be suitable for oil extraction. The escalating demand of these seeds as well as the oil extracted from them have made Moringa cultivation viable commercial proposition for small, medium and large farmers alike. Even the corporate sector is taking interest in the Moringa horticultural estates to generate income. The escalating demand is only leading to an extended cultivation of the good quality Moringa trees and plants to get quality seeds. One can easily plant those seeds to grow moringa trees.

How To Eat Moringa Seeds

There are certain instructions linked to the use of these seeds.

  • Do not eat the seeds on an empty stomach
  • Do not eat the seeds covered with peels
  • Do not eat the seeds if you are pregnant
  • Do not eat more than 2 seeds at a time

The seeds are especially rich in the vitamins A and C and therefore very useful for our eye health as well as to enjoy healthy skin and hair. Just make sure that you get good quality seeds and know how to use them for optimum benefits.

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