Moringa Plant and Cancer


Moringa Plant and Cancer

cancer-cell_2454982bMoringa plant has been a staple component for making herbal remedies for many years now. We find its popular use in all parts of the world – Asia, Africa, South America, etc. It is only in the recent times that we find scientists and researchers discovering anti-carcinogenic properties and are trying to gather more information on Moringa plant and cancer. Modern science has already confirmed the effectiveness of Moringa in treating cancer and is referring to it as an anti-cancer plant.

What makes Moringa powerful against cancer is because of its powerful combination of anti-cancer nutrients that comprise of vitamins, minerals, powerful antioxidants and the complete proteins. Rich with powerful antioxidants Moringa removes free radicals and other cancer-causing substances from our body. Thus, it prevents the onset of cancerous growth. It is the strong combination of antioxidants that we find in Moriga that make it one of the most strong antioxidant sources. The dense antioxidant profile in the plant is found to be one of the best sources of antioxidants that are found naturally on the planet.

Role of Moringa Plant and Cancer Control

World Health Organization has listed many bacterial and viral strains that are known to cause cancer. Moringa plant has already shown its power as an effective antibiotic against harmful bacteria and some of these are well-known carcinogens. For example, Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that lives in the digestive tract and Moringa helps fight against H. pylori in low concentrations. The plant has also been found to be useful against Burkitt lymphoma, a common cancer found in people with HIV and AIDS.

Moringa is also known to reduce the prevalence of skin papillomas dramatically that can get cancerous if not treated in time. Another report published projects the effectiveness of Moringa to cure female reproductive disorders such as ovarian cancer. The compounds found in this plant only have proved to be effective against a number of cancers such as lung, esophagus, pancreas, breast, etc. Niazimicin, a compound that is present in the leaves of the Moringa tree can block the carcinogenic effects of cancer-causing chemicals.
Here’s Why Moringa Plant and Cancer Control Work

The exceptionally potent mixture of nutrients in Moringa is the reason why it acts as a powerful anti-cancer boost. The high nutrient absorption rate of the vitamins and minerals found in the plant keep our immune system strong and functioning properly. More than 40 antioxidant compounds found in the plant and its extracts help our body get rid of destructive cancerous substances.

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